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We took some lessons from our friends at Titleist.

We thought: what worked for golfers could work for baseball players. We were right.

Research that lead to the development of the Velocity Bat™ was conducted by the Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute (RDRBI) in association with the Titleist Performance institute (TPI). You may ask yourself why a golf research entity would be studying baseball. Well, they weren't, really. What they do study is performance enhancement specific to "rotational athletes" and in their case it is golf.

We developed the Velocity Bat specificially for rotational athletes.

Rotational athletes include baseball players - hitters and pitchers - golfers, football quarterbacks and tennis players.

During the course of play, anyone who rotates their shoulders separately from their hips is considered a "rotational athlete". The most common of these are baseball players (both hitters and pitchers), golfers, football quarterbacks, and tennis players - basically any athlete that swings or throws something.

Today, most current athletic training focuses on exercises that work in the frontal or sagittal plane. While this is good for general conditioning, it isn’t cross-specific for rotational athletes who rotate in the transverse plane. So as RDRBI researched better conditioning protocols for transverse plane movements, they found that these improvements directly correlated to swing speed AND pitching performance as well. More specifically, the Velocity Bats™ were adding swing speed without the need to "swing harder". More interestingly, they were also helping INCREASE THROWING VELOCITIES!

Dr. Tom House, Founder and Director of RDRBI, Charlie Nootbaar, Director of Product Research at RDRBI, collaborated with Dr. Greg Rose, Founder and Director at TPi, on the conditioning protocols and the results validated at RDRBI's facilities were amazing!

The key to our protocol: the Kinematic sequence.

Master it and get more rotational energy to the ball.

In a baseball swing or pitching delivery, the upper body (shoulders) rotate separately from the hips. As forward rotation begins, the hips actually activate the forward rotation of the shoulders.

Once the hips reach peak rotational velocity, the energy is transferred to the shoulders. The shoulders then accelerate to peak rotational velocity, at which point the energy is further transferred to the arms, then the hands, and ultimately the bat or ball.

If this “chain” of events is not sequenced properly then energy is lost. The VELOCITY BAT™ protocol was designed to maximize this sequencing and allow more rotational energy to be sent to the ball.
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